Pretty Little Wave by Ben Trickey
2008 CD-R

"if it were the end of the world, i know i would be taking Atlanta's ben trickey's pretty little wave with me. hell, even if such a scenario never plays out, i'm still holding it close just in case. trickey creates a pre-apocalyptic folk record that is akin to the calm before the inevitable shit storm. these climatic changes, at least in me, always instill a sense of dread and uneasiness and pretty little wave leaves you with the same kind of feelings. this is not a record that by the end you think every thing's going to be ok, but it doesn't leave you bummed out either, just kind of indifferent. which can be directly attributed to the mixed signals trickey and his band, the east atlanta honky tonk choir, give off over the course of the seven tracks that make up pretty little wave. a brief glimmer of hope does arise when he sits down at the piano for the last track "tangle" only to end abruptly, leaving the listener with no sense of closure as the last key is hit and the record ends. pretty fuckin awesome stuff." -

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